My first concert as a kid was front-row at Wu-Tang Clan at the Roseland theater in my hometown of Portland, OR. I passed through the dark, smokey room with lights on the opening act who was speaking to the crowd and setting the tone. I knew that's what I wanted to do. I didn't know that years later I would return and rock the stage as an opener.

I grew up with a love for hip-hop and my artistry began to take form making beats for my friends to freestyle over. music and lyrics provided a much needed outlet while struggling to get through a very dark place of growing up. After a near-death alcohol poisoning / overdose, I found myself at rock-bottom, dealing with suicidal thoughts. One day I had to believe there’s something more and I chose to get out of that lifestyle which eventually led to committing to sobriety. 

On my path, it has been the guidance of traditional elders, earth-based ceremony and community where my spirit finally found the home I had been looking for my whole life. This path led me through life-changing experiences of transformation and healing. 

In 2016, thanks to an artist grant award, I flew across the world to visit my ancestral land of Hungary / Romania, where I shot a music video at Salina Turda, a 400-foot deep salt mine. This was near the area where my great-grandfather was a miner. My friend commented: “he was the coal miner, you’re the soul miner.” While on this trip I also performed in Berlin, Germany, gaining new fans and connecting with people from different walks of life. 

In 2018, being over 7 years sober, I performed to a sold-out crowd and even though I was just the opener, they showed mad love for my music / message representing my life / journey. I could see on the faces in the crowd and feel that the music was connecting. On this day, Creator gave me a gift, showing the possibilities with my music and staying true to myself. The feeling is far greater than any drug and being the MC (Master of Ceremony) can be done with integrity and still move crowds. 

Some of my main influences are Bob Marley, Rakim and John Trudell.