New music video Trilogy

3-part autobiographical journey into time in my young-adult life struggling with identity and purpose. I believe there’s power in transforming negative energy of the past and my art has been an important part of my healing process. In hip-hop there…

PDX Hip-Hop 4 The Water Protectors compilation album + music video

In honor of world water day --new releases!

New compilation album: PDX Hip-Hop 4 The Water Protectors, featuring some of Portland's dopest MC's with guest native elder speakers. All proceeds from sales go to The Northwest Council of Water Protectors who are supporting the new Water Protector camp in Florida resisting the Sabal Trail Pipeline.

Download now (pay what you like, $10 recommended, no minimum):

 Cover image by Jackie Fawn Illustrations

Quick Update

It was good to see my old homie who inspired me to keep giving updates on social media for people to connect with. I haven't been on lately because I felt like I needed to reconnect with prayer, intention and…

Journey to Standing Rock to support the Water Protectors

Our caravan made it back from Standing Rock, North Dakota. It was a powerful experience with much learning of the heart, of which I am integrating. Here’s a few thoughts from the journey… First off, thanks to all who donated…