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Visions OutKast visual mixtape Part 12 - "The Calling" 

I am officially closing out the last chapter of Visions OutKast, my visual mixtape series. Wow, what a journey! I made the commitment to release 12 videos, 12 weeks-in-a-row and it has been a great learning experience. Every video had a set of uniqe challenges, with my DIY approach, to conceptualize, plan and bring these visions to life, with the help of amazing friends. 

My goal this year is to be consistent with releases and lay the foundation to make a full-time living with my art. 

Thank you for staying connected and joining me on this journey. 
Salute and One Love 🙏💚🐺

Visions OutKast visual mixtape Part 6 - "Signs of the Times" 

Living in the US and other Wetern Countries can provide a bubble of comfortable illusions. I personnaly am not cool with paying more than half of my tax dollars to the US military, knowing that innocent people are suffering at the hands of global domination games, to control resources that fuel the Western industrial-"civilized" way of life.  

I don't know exactly what the answer is but I write lyrics to make sense of the world and I believe first we must recognize reality in order to create a change. I invite you to check out my new video "Signs of the Times".