I've been releasing a music video every week for Visions OutKast, a 12-part "visual mixtape." I am shooting these videos with nearly no budget (with help from awesome friends) and directing and editing myself. I need help getting the videos out to the people... This is where YOU come in...

Are you willing to offer at least 5-10 minutes per week, to help promote my new releases?

How it works:

  1. Register by answering the 5 questions on the form below
  2. I will personally email you an exclusive free download of my new mixtape "Visions OutKast"
  3. I will send you a text when a new video is being released (once a week)
  4. Watch the new video and if you're feeling it, please like + comment on YouTube and post on Facebook or the social media of your choice and tag 5 specific people who you think would enjoy it, along with a short, genuine message.

Join now for a FREE download of my new mixtape (not available online).

Thank you for your support, salute and one love 💚🙏🐺

You can watch my latest music videos HERE.

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